Sugar Waxing - Mooloolaba & Alexandra Headland

Alexandria Professional Sugaring is the 'New Smooth in Hair Removal which is fast taking over from the tradition way of waxing.

The benefits being that it is more gentle, and a complete skin care treatment.  One of the first things you will notice is the smoothness of your skin, from the dead skin exfoliation, skin conditioning, detoxing the hair follicle, and because the hair is removed the way he hair is growing, the chances of breaking the hair is almost eliminated.


Take a look through our sugar waxing menu and call us on (07) 5444 7599 to book your experience.

Facial Sugaring.

All facial sugaring will include a special calming cream and/or mud mask.

Sugar Waxing - Women  (prices based on normal hair growth)

Facial Sugaring-  Facial Sugaring includes special calming cream and/or calming mud mask

  • Eyebrow    $19
  • Lip   $19
  • Chin    $19
  • Lip/Chin   $35
  • Full Face    $59
  • Full Face including Eyebrows  $69

Body Sugaring - Women 

  • Bikini  $29
  • Half Leg (Lower) $39
  • Half Leg (Upper) $45
  • Half Leg / Bikini $59
  • Half Leg / Brazilian $89
  • Full Leg  $59
  • Full Leg/Bikini  $79
  • Full Leg/Brazilian  $99
  • Brazilian $59
  • Underarms  $25
  • Arms $39

Sugar Waxing - Men (prices based on normal hair growth)

  • Uni Brow (between eyebrows)  $10
  • Eyebrow Tidy  $19
  • Eyebrow Re-Shape $29
  • Full Chest  $59
  • Full Back  $59
  • Full Leg  $69
  • Brazilian  $79
  • Full Leg/Brazilian  $129
  • Arms  $49

Body Sugaring.

Your therapist may recommend for both men and women a specialised detoxifying mud musk followed by Phenomen-all cream  to intensively repair & hydrate the skin post sugaring treatment. Your therapist will explain how it can benefit your skin -There may be an extra cost of $10-$20 per area.

Harmony Dream Machine

You've never had a Sauna & Spa treatment like this. As you lie down, completely relaxed let our Harmony Dream Machine deliver you the most comfortable and relaxing sauna followed by a refreshing vishy shower that will leave you completely recharged and refreshed

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