Mooloolaba's most luxurious massage- Ka huna, Deep Tissue, Relaxation

Whether you have your massage outside under our private Balinese Pavilion, or inside in one of our air-conditioned treatment rooms, you can be guaranteed to love the experience.

Choosing the type of massage that you require is entirely up to you. Ka Huna, Deep Tissue, Relaxation or Hot Stone.

If you are on holidays and looking to just simply unwind, we recommend a relaxing massage treatment to get your muscles ready for the serious business of relaxing on the Sunshine Coast's beaches and sitting back at the many cafes, restaurants and bars you should visit.

Take a look through our massage menu and call us on (07) 5444 7599 to book your experience.

SPECIAL OFFER - Frangipani Day Spa Membership.

Because the benefits of regular therapeutic massage are considerable, we would like to reward your monthly commitment to relax and energise with a special frangipani day spa membership. There is no lock in contract and you can cancel at any time. By joining our $79 / mth membership program you will receive a 60 minute full body remedial massage every month. You can also upgrade to Hot Stones or a longer massage at discounted rates.

To become a member click the "Buy Now" button below. You will be automatically billed $79 each month and you can cancel with no strings attached at any time.


Massage Ka Huna - Deep Tissue - Swedish _ Relaxation - Thai - Balinese Member Price Non-Member Price
30 Minute Massage 

In need of a short relaxation refresher or simply want to fit a massage in between a busy schedule or a busy holiday, or just a specific area you need worked on?


$45 $55
60 Minute Massage

Our most common massage, we will ask you when you settle in what type of massage you need, whether it be just for relaxation or an injury, or deep tissue, Hot Stone or Ka Huna bodywork 

It's your massage and your choice.

$79 $99
90 Minute Massage
An hour and half of luxury. With this time frame we can work on all your area's of concern, or just a luxurious relaxation, you know you deserve it.

$119 $139
60 Minute Hot Stone Massage
Combine your massage with special hot stones to use the power of infrared to give you a deeply relaxing deep tissue massage without the deep pressure.

$99 $119
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage
Combine your massage with hot rivers rocks to use the powers of infrared to give total relaxation- you deserve it!

$139 $159

Add our Hot River Rock's to your massage and you will be feeling like new.

Tired and sore after exercising or a deeply relaxing massage? Take advantage of a deep tissue massage without the deep tissue pressure? Iron out the kinks, release any left over lactate and get you on to the road to recovery 50% faster.

Harmony Dream Machine

You've never had a Sauna & Spa treatment like this. As you lie down, completely relaxed let our Harmony Dream Machine deliver you the most comfortable and relaxing sauna followed by a refreshing vishy shower that will leave you completely recharged and refreshed

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